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GraphicAudio Thanos Death Sentence

I do love audio dramas – even those adapted from really great source materials. When a company gets a full cast to perform these adaptations it totally sells the experience for me. GraphicAudio is back with an all new full cast audio experience in Marvel’s Thanos: Death Sentence.

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Audio ComicsbooksGraphicAudioMarvelMs MarvelSolicitations

If you are a fan of audio dramas (and who isn’t), GraphicAudio has announced the release of Ms. Marvel Volume 2: Generation Why, directed from Marvel Comics.

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Audio ComicsFeaturedReview

We’ve reviewed the first Molly Danger book on the Major Spoilers Podcast, and we found the characters and story interesting in the printed form. But what about as an audio drama? AudioComics has a brand new audio comic version of Molly Danger available, and we took some time to give it a listen.

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MarvelPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release Following the release of Marvel Comics’ prose novel, CIVIL WAR in the GraphicAudio®…A Movie in Your Mind® audio entertainment format, comes SPIDER-MAN: DROWNED IN THUNDER, with a 360° Sonic Twist–This unique surround sound experience makes the listener feel they are in the middle of the action. Instead of being two dimensional with sound coming from two speakers in front of the listener, the sound scape now comes from five speakers and a subwoofer surrounding the listener with new sound perspectives. SPIDER-MAN: DROWNED IN THUNDER is now available for purchase in both Stereo formats and 5.1 Surround Sound DTS-HD

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Press Release

Press Release Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta’s science fiction comedy masterpiece comes to the world of audio theatre as The AudioComics Company, in association with Portland Community Radio WMPG, announces that its debut production of Starstruck will be available October 31 on compact disc and pay-per-MP3 download, and will air on selected radio stations in the United States.

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