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Twilight fans are nothing compared to the throngs of people who flock to every panel appearance by B-movie actor Bruce Campbell.  He’s there again getting the crowds to eat out of his hands, and on the Burn Notice panel, a bit of news was dropped that may have fans flocking to the DVD section of their local store. According to network insiders, USA is talking with Fox, which makes the series, about producing a straight-to-DVD prequel that would cover Axe’s adventures before his attempts to help his best friend, blacklisted spy Michael Westen. The panelists also said they have been

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Even though the movie has fallen off at the box office, JustSomeRandomGuy attempts to make everything relevant.

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Poor Olivia Munn.  She just can’t cope with the fact she’s not at the top spot on my hot ladies list.  So what does she resort to?  These holiday greetings featuring her in an attractive holiday ensemble.  You can almost hear her asking me nicely to punt Charisma Carpenter from the top spot. Why yes, there are more attempts at winning my affections after the jump.

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Wendy and Richard Pini have teamed up with Warner Bros. to bring their long running indie comic Elfquest to the silver screen.  The film will be written by Rawson Thurber, who will also direct and produce. The original comic, which the Pinis initially self-published starting in 1978, followed a tribe of elves known as the Wolfriders in their attempts to survive and link with other dispersed elves on an Earth-like planet with two moons while on the lookout for tribes of humans and trolls, both of which acted as allies and enemies. There have been multiple attampts to make the

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This Dark Knight poster is freakin’ sweet!  Take the jump for the spooky imagery using all those Joker cards as “someone” attempts to paint a smile on that dour mug.

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This weekend on the Kids’ WB on The CW, sorcerer Mordru attacks a magical planet, requiring the Legion to step in to help. Take the jump for select images from the show.

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