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In which things get wrapped up too quickly I’ve been digging the Terra mini-series from Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray.  The introduction of a new character to the DCU is a fresh one, full of interesting adventures.  Sadly, the four issue run has come to a close, and I can’t help but wonder why this wasn’t a six-issue mini-series.

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Faster is not always better I knew that if I didn’t jump on the latest installment of Terra, someone out there would be screaming bloody murder.  So without further ado, here’s your look at the third installment of the four-issue mini-series from DC Comics.

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See what happens when you don’t read all your comics the day they are released? Hey, I know this past week saw the release of Terra #3, but I realized when I sat down to read the issue, that I hadn’t had the pleasure of reading Terra #2.  Don’t ask me how that works, but needless to say, I think I was blinded by the incredible cover, and was temporarily mind warped into believing I had enjoyed ever page.  Now that the purple haze has cleared, here’s your belated review, with the Major Spoilers tease that is becoming more and

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