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Army of DarknessBarack ObamaDynamite Entertainment

It looks like using Obama on the cover of your comic book has finally reached spoof proportions, as it seems more and more publishers are starting to use the Commander-in-Chief’s likeness in a humorous way, while still crossing their fingers that it will sell more issues. Case in point – Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama: A New Hope. “We’ve addressed this a bit, but for the record, there’s a lot of skepticism about all these Obama appearances in comics these days,” said Dynamite Associate Editor Joe Rybandt. “But hands down, we feel this is the best out of all

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Dynamite EntertainmentGarth EnnisPreviewThe Boys

Seeing as how I’m just a few days behind on this post, I’m sure most of the blogosphere and the Intar-webs are already lit up talking about the cover to Dynamite Entertainment’s Herogasm mini-series.  The series spins out of Garth Ennis’ The Boys series, that takes a rather in your face approach to the superhero genre.  Fans of The Boys will be happy to note that Garth is writing this mini, with John McCrea providing the art. “Garth has a few special surprises for The Boys planned for the back-half of his story and this mini is the first,” explained

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Battlestar GalacticaDynamite EntertainmentSolicitations

Final episodes of Battlestar Galactica are just around the corner, but to keep the action going, Dynamite Entertainment is taking readers back in time to the beginning of the Cylon War.  The mini-series will follow the events leading up to the attack on Caprica, and is written by Joshua Ortega and Eric Nylund, with art by Nigel Raynor. “We’re taking this to a level we’ve never done before, and told the entire origin story!  We’ve taken these characters and events and told their unseen stories, all under the watchful eyes of the producers (and with their blessing!),” explained Dynamite Associate

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Dynamite EntertainmentGarth EnnisSolicitations

Dynamite and Ennis appear to have a hit on their hands with Battlefields: The Night Witches, and the company has announced the second series to fall under the Battlefields banner will be Dear Billy. “As with our opening series  -THE NIGHT WITCHES – I’m honored to be a part of this continued Battlefields series,” stated Dynamite Associate Editor Joe Rybandt in a prepared statement. “We work with some of the greatest talents out there and not only do we get The Boys month-in and month-out from Garth (and Darick and co.), but to get such strong, connective work from him

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