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The penultimate storyline of this title continues with New York City Mayor Mitchell Hundred taking time to clear up some personal and political matters before covertly embarking on what could turn out to be a suicide mission against a killer who is using the rats in the sewer system as a weapon against the city populace. To confound the problems His Honor is having; it appears that the unknown assailant is adopting the exact same variation of Hundreds own communication powers that his supposedly deceased nemesis Jack Pherson previously used to control the actions of several animal species. Plus, Mitchell’s

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In lieu of the fact that I may not have been the only one to miss the release of Batman Confidential #19, I’ve decided, in the face of the release of issue #20, to review both. I won’t do it at the same time, because that would take away from the fact that these are two really great issues, and deserved of their own time in the sun.

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