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Sneak Peek Dissension: War Eternal #5

[Preview] Dissension: War Eternal #5

Delphi, Pirate and some new, powerful allies make their way to Alaska – the center of Delphi’s apocalyptic visions in this week’s Dissension: War Eternal #5 from Aspen Comics.

Review Fathom #6 Review 7.7

Fathom #6 Review

After the battle in Muria, Aspen and Chance finally reach the Russian base where Aspen’s brother Finn is being held. But what has happened to him?

Sneak Peek Soulfire #6

[Preview] Soulfire #6

Outnumbered and seemingly overmatched, the writing is on the wall, but Janus has his own writing – And, the magic it unleashes will shock and awe. Here is your sneak peek of Soulfire #6 from Aspen Comics.

Sneak Peek Artifact One #3

[Preview] Artifact One #3

Introducing Remi, a young and energetic explorer and relic hunter, whose boundless curiosity leads to a startling discovery beyond anything she could have imagined! It all happens in this week’s Artifact One #3 from Aspen Comics.

Sneak Peek Fathom #5

[Preview] Fathom #5

Aspen learns that her battle with Killian has far-reaching consequences both below—and above—the surface, in this week’s Fathom #5 from Aspen Comics.

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