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You have a shelf of hero statues, but what about the villains? Kotobukiya unveiled a glorious Gorilla Grodd ArtFX+ statue that will dominate your Nerd Room of Doom.

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Captain AmericaCivil WarIron Mankotobukiyastatues

With Captain America: Civil War set to arrive in theaters on May 6th, Kotobukiya is ready to unleash its Captain America and Iron Man ARTFX+ statues on the world.

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kotobukiyaStar Warsstatues

Kotobukiya has unveiled its take on Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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kotobukiyaMerchandiseStar Warsstatues

Kotobukiya has unveiled its First Order Stormtrooper ArtFX+ Statues that will arrive just in time for you to display before the new movie arrives in theaters.

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Kotobukiya has unveiled another awesome looking ArtFX+ Statue – this time featuring Marvel’s Magneto clad all in black.

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Emma FrostkotobukiyaMarvelMerchandisestatuesX-Men

Kotobukiya continues to show off its line of ArtFX+ Statues, and for X-Men fans, Emma Frost is now available for pre-order.

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Batmancomic conventionDCsan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCCstatues

Kotobukiya is bringing us the statue we never knew we wanted, but now that we’ve seen it, we really want to get our hands on the Alfred Pennyworth ArtFX+ Statue!

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DCWonder Woman

Looking to celebrate #WonderWomanWeek here at Major Spoilers with a nice purchase? Well look no further than Kotobukiya’s Wonder Woman ARTFX statue, currently on pre-order!

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Iron MankotobukiyaMarvelstatues

Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ line of statues has been working its way through the Marvel lineup and has finally called up Iron Man, but we won’t be seeing just one statue this time around.

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Eren Yeager takes on Titans in a new ArtFX statue from Kotobukiya, and we have your first look at the sculpt.

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Slade Wilson gets the statue treatment in this new ARTFX Statue from Kotobukiya. A whole gallery of images after the jump as well as the price you’re gonna pay to get this super soldier into your collection.

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With Dead Space 3 set to arrive in February 2013, Kotobukiya has announce it is releasing a statue based on the main character, Isaac Clarke.

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comic conventionContestkotobukiyasan diego

Kotobukiya dropped us a quick email to let us know that the company plans on giving away a lot of prizes at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. You’ll have to take the jump to see the full details, but it does make me jealous that I can’t go this year.

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