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Red Hood and the Outlaws #28 Review
DCFeaturedRed Hood & The OutlawsReview

Jason’s undercover, Artemis is under stress and Bizarro?  He’s finding that life as a super-genius is all it is cracked up to be… 

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In the words of a long forgotten King, “Winter is coming.” If you don’t want to be stuck with last year’s winter fashions, you are going to want to check these custom made DC hoodies for all your nerdy-staying-warm needs.

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DCFeaturedReviewSecret Six

Or – “In Which The Six Have Split, And Wonder Woman Is On The Menu…” My old friend Bruce used to have a saying…  “It’s always darkest, before it gets pitch-black.”  A founding member of the Justice League is about to be consumed by a demon, the Secret Six are at one another’s throats, and the Bana-Mighdall Amazons are free (and mightily irritable.)  Think things can’t get worse?  Possibly you’re not remembering some of the Secret Six’s previous missions…

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DCSecret SixSneak PeekWonder Woman

DC has released a preview of Secret Six #12 that arrives next week.  Take the jump to see Wonder Woman bring the smack down to the villains.

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AnimationDCDVDWarner Bros.Wonder Woman

Here’s a gift from our friends at Warner Home Video – more images from the upcoming Wonder Woman animated direct to DVD movie.

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AnimationcartoonDCDVDMoviesWonder Woman

Check out this poster for the upcoming Wonder Woman animated direct to DVD movie.  The flick stars Keri Russell (Wonder Woman) and Nathan Fillion (Steve Rogers Trevor) and will be an origin story.

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