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Sneak Peek Powers in Action #3

[Preview] Powers in Action #3

There’s a new installment of Powers in Action in stores this week from Art Baltazar. Action Lab Entertainment has released a sneak peek of Powers in Action #3, and we have your first look, after the jump.


Encounter #3 Review

Shape-shifting polka dotted alien, Encounter, and his talking blue dog side-kick, Barko, once again must protect the pods from a vile villain. Who sent Ribbon Rhonda after the pods, and does she remind anyone else of a classic wrestler? Find out in Encounter #3 from Lion Forge.

Press Release Gumby #1

[Preview] Gumby #1

Leading Comics Publisher to Publish Monthly Comics & Kids’ Graphic Novels Featuring Contributions by Kyle Baker, Art Baltazar, Gregory Benton, Eric Esquivel, Ray Fawkes, Veronica and Andy Fish, Sholly Fisch, Rick Geary, Ryan Jampole, Jolyon Yates and Jeff Whitman

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