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There are a variety of fruits to tantalize the taste buds, fill the air with fragrance, and turn a dull night into a wild and crazy one. Fruits, they truly are nature’s candy. The two most compared fruits, apples and oranges, do taste great and hit the spot when you need a fast snack, but which one is better? VOTE!

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appleMangaNew York Comic ConSigning

Naruato manga creator, Masashi Kishimoto will appear at the Apple Store in New York to talk up the popular series.

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applecomixologyDigital ComicsFrom the EditoripadNews

Way back in 2010, I was the biggest proponent of Apple’s iPad, but even with the ability to carry 10,000 digital comics in the palm of my hand, the biggest problem was that comic readers were never getting a 1:1 reading experience. Apple solved that today with the introduction of the iPad Pro.

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Digital ComicsIDW Publishing

IDW Publishing has released its new comic apps for Apple IOS today, and have announced Madefire as its app developer.

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Comics PortalDCFeaturedMarvelOpinionStar WarsSuperman

We just can’t help ourselves! When even the remotest possibility of a merger that would combine Marvel with DC Comics arises, readers on the Internet just go nuts! For instance, a couple of years back there was a chance that the rights to Superman might revert to the families of Mr. Siegel and Mr. Shuster, so speculation ran rampant that they’d take the hero over to Marvel. After all, Marvel’s the one that makes the most money. Well, that didn’t happen, so it’s time for another round of “How Would Marvel And DC Combine?”

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appleGamingVideo Gameswizards of the coast

I love playing Lords of Waterdeep on my iPad – it gives you nearly the same experience as playing the board game with friends, without all the hassle of little tiny pieces.  Playdeck, the company that created the app has announced two new expansion sets for the game that are available now.

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comixologyDigital ComicsPress Release

Press Release ComiXology – the revolutionary cloud-based digital comics platform available across iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8, and the Web at – announced today that their Comics by comiXology iOS app charted as iTunes’ #1 Top Grossing non-game iPad App for 2013, ranking #11 overall.

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Digital ComicsPress ReleaseVIZ Media

Press Release VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest publisher, distributor and licensor of manga and anime in North America, has announced the debut today of its entire digital manga (graphic novel) catalog on the iBooks Store.

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Press Release Disney Consumer Products (DCP) and Marvel Entertainment today announced the launch of the Marvel Creativity Studio Stylus and App, created by eKids, exclusively for iPad. The app delivers a creative space for kids to learn to draw, color and animate their favorite Marvel Super Heroes and villains from Avengers Assemble, The Ultimate Spider-Man and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., while the stylus adds special and enhanced play value.

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Dark Horse ComicsDigital ComicsPress Release

Press Release With today’s announcement that Dark Horse graphic novels are available on the iBookstore (, Dark Horse is now one of the most widely distributed comics publishers digitally.

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applecomixologyDigital ComicsImage ComicsSaga

Yesterday the Internet comic fan community erupted as it appeared Apple had banned comiXology from selling Saga #12 through their iOS app. Well earlier this afternoon comiXology CEO David Steinburger released a statement stating it was actually the digital comic provider making the decision. Read his statement and one from Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan after the jump.

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Brian K. VaughancomixologyDigital ComicsImage ComicsSaga

Last month readers were confused when the latest series from Image, SEX, was not available for download from leading digital comic provider comiXology’s iOS app. It eventually came out that Apple had banned the sale of the comic due to its sexual nature and the tech giant is back at it this week by banning Saga #12 from Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Stapes. Take the jump to read what the writer had to say in response.

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appleDigital ComicsImage Comics

Leave it up to a mega-company to censor content and keep people from getting Sex. As you may have heard, Sex #1 wasn’t available on comiXology or the Image Comics Apps yesterday when it was supposed to be released, and now we know why.

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appleDigital ComicsIDW PublishingPress Release

Press Release It was announced that beginning today and going forward, new weekly single-issue comic titles from IDW Publishing will go live every Wednesday on the iBookstore ( In addition to the 250 graphic novels and collections already available, fans can now look forward to grabbing their favorite new comics on the iBookstore every week, the same way they might have purchased from traditional comic shops or the IDW and Comics Apps (

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