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Review Ruby Falls #4 Review 9.7

Ruby Falls #4 Review

How reliable is memory? And what really happened to Betty all those years ago? Find out in the unexpected conclusion to Ruby Falls #4, from Dark Horse Comics!

Review Ruby Falls #3 Review 8.3

Ruby Falls #3 Review

Lana learns who killed Betty, but why was her body never found? And where is Lana’s grandmother? Find out in Ruby Falls #3!

Review Ruby Falls #2 Review 8.0

Ruby Falls #2 Review

Nobody is thrilled when Lana starts digging into the past of Ruby Falls, but she just can’t seem to quit. And then her grandmother goes missing. It’s a small town; where could she have gone? Find out in Ruby Falls #2 from Dark Horse Comics.

Review Ruby Falls #1 9.7

Ruby Falls #1 Review

If there’s anything I love more than a murder mystery, it is an examination of the phenomenon of human memory. How well do these concepts blend together? Find out in Ruby Falls #1 from Dark Horse Comics.

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The Seeds #1 Review

It’s all gone to hell and the only thing left to do is write up the report on the autopsy and get the heck out of there.  The Seeds places a critical lens over where America is today and what it sees isn’t pretty.  Join Astra and Lola, as they inhabit the corpse that used to be America in this opening issue of The Seeds.

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