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Review Hellmouth #1 Review 5.7

Hellmouth #1 Review

All the denizens of hell are on the verge of crossing over to the mortal world. The only thing standing in their way is a teenage vampire slayer from Sunnydale and a vampire with a soul from L.A. Your major spoilers review awaits!

Sneak Peek Hellmouth #1

[Preview] Hellmouth #1

I’ve been waiting for this event since Buffy the Vampire Slayer launched at BOOM! Studios, and this week Hellmouth #1 lands at your LCS. Take the jump for a sneak peek of Hellmouth #1.

Sneak Peek Angel #5

[Preview] Angel #5

BOOM! Studios has released this preview of Angel #5 that arrives in stores tomorrow. Take the jump for this sneak peek of the issue.

Sneak Peek Angel #4

[Preview] Angel #4

This is it—the stunning conclusion to the first story arc reimagining the iconic vampire-with-a-soul in this week’s Angel #4 from BOOM! Studios.

Sneak Peek Angel #3

[Preview] Angel #3

BOOM! Studios has released this early look at Angel #3 that lands in stores on Wednesday. This week, Angel decides it is time to attack the darkness!

Sneak Peek

[Preview] Angel #2

As Angel recovers for a devastating loss in Sunnydale, he must unravel the mysteries surrounding this new kind of monster.

Sneak Peek

[First Look] Angel #2

Winifred “Fred” Burkle makes her first official appearance in Angel #2, and we have your first look at the issue from creators Bryan Edward Hill and Gleb Melnikov.

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