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Sneak Peek Star Trek Year Five #18

PREVIEW: Star Trek Year Five #18

The Enterprise receives a distress call from Alpha Centauri and arrives to find a planet in the midst of a deadly global pandemic in this week’s Star Trek Year Five #18 from IDW Publishing.

Review Star TreK year Five #14 Review 9.3

Star Trek: Year Five #14 Review

In STAR TREK: YEAR FIVE #14, Kirk runs a gauntlet on a Klingon ship, which readies itself to detonate a bomb and decimate the Federation fleet!  Meanwhile, Bones and Spock face off against a rogue Admiral, himself intent on experimenting on fleet crews.  Who lives and dies? Find out in your latest Major Spoilers review!

Review Star Trek: Year Five #13 Review 6.7

Star Trek: Year Five #13 Review

The final voyages of the original Enterprise crew continue, and the Federation may never be the same!  Your Major Spoilers review of Star Trek: Year Five #13 from IDW Publishing awaits!

Review Transformers #3 Review 3.3

Transformers #3 Review

In the early days of Cybertron, a movement is growing, with Megatron at its head.  Your Major Spoilers review of Transformers #3 awaits!

Solicitations Transformers

IDW Publishing relaunches Transformers

IDW Publishing proudly announces that a brand-new Transformers series will debut in March 2019 that will explore the very moment when a glorious, peaceful Cybertron begins its downward spiral into chaos.

IDW Publishing Star Trek Discovery Annual 2018

Star Trek Discovery Annual 2018

What do you do while waiting for the next season of Star Trek Discovery? You check out Star Trek Discovery Annual 2018 from IDW Publishing. The issue is available on Wednesday.

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