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Review Amethyst #2 Review 6.7

Amethyst #2 Review

Amethyst is having trouble finding allies. But wait – could the amethyst tiara from her Earth parents somehow help her out on the Gemworld? Find out in Amethyst #2 from DC Comics!

Review Amethyst #1 Review 7.0

Amethyst #1 Review

When Amy Winston turned thirteen, she discovered she was a princess of the Gemworld. Now that she’s sixteen, what can top that? Find out in Amethyst #1 from DC Comics!

Sneak Peek Amethyst #1

[Preview] Amethyst #1

DC Comics launches Amethyst #1 from writer/artist Amy Reeder, and you can get peek at the new adventures in Gemworld, after the jump.

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