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ConvergenceDCFeaturedReviewSuicide Squad

Convergence: Suicide Squad #1 hands DC’s favorite bad guys a hard mission. But if it wasn’t a tough job, it wouldn’t be one for the Suicide Squad, would it?

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Amanda WallerMajor SpoilersPoll

We talked about it briefly on a previous issue of the Major Spoilers Podcast – you know, when the site was down – but I’m really interested in finding out what the World Wide Major Spoilers Fan Base thinks of casting rumors surrounding the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.  Though we don’t report rumor as fact, I find it fascinating that Oprah Winfrey is being sought after as the big screen’s (second) Amanda Waller. VOTE!

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Amanda WallerDCFeaturedGeoff JohnsJustice League of AmericaReview

The new Justice League of America débuts with a whoppingly ridiculous 54 covers, with Geoff Johns on script and David Finch handling art. Will Justice League of America #1 have you declaring “America, F yeah!” or just mumbling “America… ehh… whatever…”? Stoke your patriotic pride as Major Spoilers reviews Justice League of America #1 (this reviewer got the Indiana cover).

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Amanda WallerCWDCGeoff JohnsJustice Society of AmericaSmallvilleTelevision

It was only a matter of time before Amanda Waller made her presence known in Smallville, and thanks to some creative thinking at the CW, they’ve cast Pam Grier as the tough as nails agent villain.  Grier will make her debut during the second hour of the Justice Society episode penned by Geoff Johns, when the two-parter airs in January. While I think Grier will do a cracking good job, one can’t help but wonder what CCH Pounder would bring to the table – oh, right, we’ve already seen her live action Amanda Waller on the SyFy Channel’s Warehouse 13.

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DCMoviesSuicide SquadWarner Bros.

Seems all those meetings Warner Bros. held all those months ago have finally pumped the company into taking its properties more seriously, as it is diving into the DC vaults to pull out properties to exploit into films.  Green Lantern, Jonah Hex, Justice League, Flash, Super Max, Wonder Woman are all in production — okay, probably not Wonder Woman, but there will be another Superman and Batman film for sure, because, well, that last Superman film did so well in the theaters…  The latest series to get the movie treatment is the government sponsored Suicide Squad. “Suicide Squad” will feature

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Action FiguresJustice league UnlimitedMattelToys

Wow!  Just saw this come up on the Mattel Matty Collector website.  Amanda Waller gets her own figure in 2009!. We already revealed quite a lot at SDCC 2008 of our 2009 line up, but wanted to give everyone a little holiday treat before the New Year. Take a gander at the image below! We are not revealing where this figure fits into the line-up quite yet, but you will see her in the first half of 2009! via Matty Collector

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