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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #356: Chris Charlton

It’s great to discover a high-power storyteller when you go to a comic convention, and one of the most recent “finds” for me has been Chris Charlton, scripter of many wonderful tales including Black of Heart, Binary Gray, The Dolls, and Open Tree, just to name a few!

Alterna Comics Cyko Ko! #2 Review

CYKO KO! #2 Review

The groovy robot stunt motorcyclist without a cause, Cyko KO, has been assigned to guard injured actor Steve MacKinaw as he lays in a coma in the Startopia Hospital. What will Cyko KO and his friends do when arch-baddie Chen sends his own robot out to kill MacKinaw? CYKO KO #2, from Alterna Comics, is in shops on October 17th!

Alterna Comics It Came Out On A Wednesday #2 Review

It Came Out on a Wednesday #2 Review

For as long as people have been printing stories, there have been collections of tales by multiple writers, bound together by a common denominator, and packaged for the reading public, these anthologies have often been a proving ground for all stripes of creators. Now, Alterna Comics brings us the latest in their own anthology series, It Came Out On A Wednesday #2. Let’s see what hidden gems we can find.

Alterna Comics

Eden #1 Review

In the far future, an alien race has conquered the Earth. The planet Eden offers a safe haven, but is it really as safe as it seems, or is there a dark secret being hidden? Find out in Eric Henson’s Eden #1 (of 4) from Alterna Comics!

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #318: Jordan Hart

I love a comic that makes me feel! That’s why I enjoyed talking with Jordan Hart, creator of Doppleganger, an ongoing Alterna Comics miniseries that explores what would happen if a being was able to take your place in society, even convince your wife it was you.

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