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DCFeaturedFrankensteinReviewSwamp Thing

Love is strange, Faithful Spoilerites, and nowhere is that more true than the monstery corners of the DC Universe.  Your Major Spoilers review of Young Monsters In Love #1 awaits!

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Mystik U #2 Review
DCFeaturedMystik UReview

Zatanna Zatara is the bright new celebrity star pupil at her new school of wizarding, but being well-known isn’t quite the boon she had hoped it might be…  Your Major Spoilers review of Mystik U #2 awaits!

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Mystic U

What was Zatanna Zatara like in college? We’re about to find out as DC Comics brings us Mystic U.

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OMG! My favorite Bat Family members are together again in one book! Will Batgirl, Black Bat, and Red Robin survive Convergence?

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Oni PressPress Release

Press Release For the month of June, The Art Institute of Portland Gallery is hosting Portland comic book artist Joëlle Jones and writer Jamie S. Rich in a unique first look at their collaborated graphic novel You Have Killed Me, due this July from Oni Press. On view will be excerpts and original pages from the book, as well at the opportunity to speak to the artist and writer about the new book and the creative process behind it. The Gallery show, titled “Comic Noir: The Art of Joëlle Jones,” will debut on First Thursday (June 4th) with an artist

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