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Review Lost Soldiers #3 Review 10.0

Lost Soldiers #3 Review

In Lost Soldiers #3 from Image Comics,  the mission to Mexico goes south in all sorts of ways, as the conflict with Burke spirals out of control.  Kowalski does all he can to survive, but the past has its hooks in him deep.  Can he escape that past?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Review Lost Soldiers #1 Review 9.7

Lost Soldiers #1 Review

LOST SOLDIERS #1 flashes between the green hell of the Vietnam War and the never ending hell on both sides of the Mexican-American border, told through the eyes  Hawkins and Kowalski, men who saw the worst in ‘69 and saddle up again for some dark CIA action in the present day.  And who is narrating this story, anyway?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Solicitations Lost Soldiers #1

Image Comics launches Lost Soldiers in July

Bestselling writer/co-creator Aleš Kot, artist Luca Casalanguida, and Heather Moore team up for a gritty, all-new military action story in Lost Soldiers. The five-issue miniseries will launch from Image Comics this July.

Sneak Peek

[Preview] Bloodborne #12

Titan Comics releases Bloodborne #12 this week. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue ahead of Wednesday’s New Comic Book Day.

Review Days of Hate #12 Review 9.0

Days of Hate #12 Review

After the storm, calm.  In the aftermath of the pyrotechnics of the previous issue, Days of Hate #12 contemplates those who survived and the future, if there is such a thing, to look forward too.  Step into the finale of one of the great comic series of our time.

Review Days of Hate #9 Review 10.0

Days of Hate #9 Review

When a character burns himself to death in the opening pages things rapidly go downhill from there.  Join us for a story that gets blacker page by page in the compelling, morally compromised landscape of a broken America in Days of Hate #9.

Featured The New World #2 Review

The New World #2 Review

Ales Kot takes a new, colorful look at the impact of a police state on its citizens as the forces of anarchy and order clash in New California.

Sneak Peek Bloodborne #4

Bloodborne #4

Ales Kot and Piotr Kowalski team for this week’s Bloodborne #4 from Titan Comics. Take the jump for a sneak peek.

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