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Humberto RamosMarvelRunaways

I haven’t picked up the first issue of Humberto Ramos’ Runaways, but apparently there are a few people upset over a comment the artist made at his blog site that implied Xavin was changing sexes.

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Hayden Panettiere’s got black hair and packing heat – guess Chapter Three of Heroes is going to focus on heroes as villains. via Hollywood Tuna

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Return to WonderlandZenescope Entertainment

Originally Zenescope Entertainment had planned to raise the price of all its Tales From Wonderland one-shots to $3.99 due to an expanded story with additional pages, but to keep confusion from running rampant, the company has decided to keep Queen of Hearts at the original $2.99 price. “We had meant to let retailers know ahead of time about the higher cover price for the one-shots in case they didn’t notice the price increase when placing their orders but realized that we didn’t get the information out in time. Instead we decided to keep this first issue at $2.99 to avoid

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