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Blackest NightDCMerchandise

Fans at the San Diego Comic-Con were told that more Lantern rings would be on the way, and if Bleeding Cool has the news right, then you might be able to get your hands on all of ’em if you and your local comic shop are willing to spend some money. So for every 25 copies of Doom Patrol #4, Booster Gold #26, R.E.B.E.L.S. #10, Outsiders ‘24 and  your retailer orders, they can order a bag of fifty Sinestro rings, Agent Orange rings, Indigo Tribe rings and Star Sapphire rings respectively. And for every 50 copies of Justice League of

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DCGreen LanternGreen Lantern Corps

There can be only one (Orange Lantern), and Agent Orange is featured today in the rundown of colorful Lanterns appearing in the Green Lantern titles leading up to Blackest Night. via The Source

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