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This year’s New York Comic Con, hands down, was the best one of theirs I’ve been to! And that’s saying something since I’ve attended a goodly number of them! But I saw some unique advertising that surprised me. And it was found in the Men’s Room, of all places!

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On Friday, another dream of mine was announced as coming true! Marvel (and if it’s successful, other companies will follow suit) is going to start advertising in movie theaters as well as on TV, as seen in this news item here at! I mean, I know so many fans who have been longing for this to take place! It really came into focus with a lot of us with the first Iron Man film from Marvel Studios. Why not point out you can buy comics about this character at the same time?

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We’ve been talking about it for years – YEARS – and finally one comic book publisher is going to try to increase comic sales by putting comic book trailers/ads ahead of its feature films and television shows.

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Word has been circulating on the Internet recently that DC Comics is going to start an advertising campaign in January, running eleven different commercials on select cable television channels to advertise the trade collections of the first wave of Rebirth books. These include AMC, IFC, TBS, TNT, TruTV, El Rey and Boomerang. Not the most watched of networks, but they don’t have to be. Smart idea, I think. Let me tell you why.

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Sad news for many people around the world, Hostess Brands has asked the courts to allow them to go out of business and sell it’s brands, which includes Hostess Fruit Pies, Ding Dongs, and the beloved Twinkies. How far has this country fallen when there aren’t enough sales of the saturated fat laced treats to keep a company in business?  Remember the good ol’ days when Twinkies were so popular you couldn’t tell the difference between an ad and a scene from your favorite comic book? We do.

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