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Marvel has announced, that following Amazing Spider-Man #600, the company will debut Web of Spider-Man in October.  This will be a new ongoing title that will feature Spider-Girl stories in the issue as well. “With the ‘Gauntlet’ storyline starting up and many classic adversaries of Spider-man coming back to the book, we wanted to find a place to tell you more about them without it eating up too many pages of the thrice-weekly Amazing Spider-Man,” explained series editor Steve Wacker. “So while were tossing ideas around on where to best put that stuff, beleaguered assistant Tom Brennan came up with

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Atomic RoboRed 5 ComicsReview

When last we left the title character and his British secret service companion, they were stuck on a train, headed for a cliff, and battling some horrific scientific Nazi experiments gone wrong.  If you thought Robo and Sparrow were doomed, then you probably haven’t been reading comics that long.

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Blue BeetleDCMatthew SturgesReview

Buy the book, read the book, love the book, save the book I’m sure more than a few readers were a tad apprehensive when John Rogers stepped away from writing Blue Beetle and Matthew Sturges took over.  But now that Sturges has more than a few issues under his belt, it is clear that the title isn’t suffering due to a change in writers.  It’s as strong as it’s ever been.

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DCFinal CrisisFlashReview

There are very few event tie-ins that would be able to exist on their own. Not surprisingly, many are so heavily dependent upon the main event that you are left with only two options; read on in ignorance, or buy more and more tie-ins. However, you occasionally get a tie-in that is well written, apart from the main event, and carrying all the gravitas and import due. Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins Rogues’ Revenge is one of those comics.

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