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Review Skybound X #2 Review 8.3

Skybound X #2 Review

The Tenth Anniversary anthology from Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment chugs on, and Rick Grimes in a mask is maybe the LEAST weird thing in store! Your Major Spoilers review of Skybound X #2 from Image Comics awaits!

Review Batman: Urban Legends #1 Review 5.7

Batman: Urban Legends #1

Batman isn’t the only person in town, many heroes and villains call Gotham home.  Your Major Spoilers review of Batman: Urban Legends #1 from DC Comics, awaits!

Review Suicide Squad #11 9.0

Suicide Squad #11 Review

it’s the final mission of Task Force X.  Who will live and who will DIE?  Your Major Spoilers review of Suicide Squad #11 from DC Comics awaits!

Sneak Peek

Are you ready for Speed Metal?

DC Comics has announced the Speed Force is bursting out of the Death Metal series this month, and we have a sneak peek of Dark Nights: Death Metal Speed Metal.

Review Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #4 Review 8.7

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #4 Review

In Superman: Man of Tomorrow #4 from DC Comics Clark Kent is hot on the trail of a mystery that stretches back decades.  A creature seeking revenge, a land baron hiding his secrets – and Superman stuck in the middle!  All this and more in your next Major Spoilers review!

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