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Well, you’ve known that for a while now, haven’t you? The elder Petrelli brother had his throat slit at the end of last season by Sylar, and actor Adrian Pasdar continued to appear on the show as Sylar took on his appearance. TV Guide has confirmed that Adrian Pasdar has been official released from the show since Nathan was last seen shot and buried in a hole in the ground. Of course Heroes is supposed to be a super hero show, and we’ve all seen how permanent deaths are in comics. via

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If you missed yesterday’s sneak peek premiere of Marvel’s The Super Hero Squad Show, you have plenty of opportunities to see the first two episodes again on September 16 at 7:00 AM on the Cartoon Network. The greatest heroes in the universe unite against the deadliest villains in an exciting, family friendly Super Hero team up unlike any in history! The Super Hero Squad unites to protect Super Hero City for VillainVille, as they must stop Dr. Doom and his allies from gathering pieces of the powerful Infinity Sword, or the bad guys will rule the universe! Luckily, the City

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We wrote about the upcoming Marvel Superhero Squad animated series a few days ago, and now we’ve dug up the official press release that gives more information about the 26 episode season. Is it any surprise Wolverine is in it?

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