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Review The Necromancer's Map #3 Review 6.0

The Necromancer’s Map #3 Review

Bethany and Elissar have solved the problem of the Void Sickness for Jonas, so now it’s back to trying to find someone who can read the Map. All they need to do is get to the city, and that shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Find out in The Necromancer’s Map #3 from Vault Comics.

Review Queen of Bad Dreams #5 Review 8.7

Queen of Bad Dreams #5 Review

Ava has been pulled back into the Chases’ dreams, and Daher follows as well as Selene. What nightmares await them? Find out in Queen of Bad Dreams #5 from Vault Comics.

Review These Savage Shores #5 Review 10.0

These Savage Shores #5 Review

While the war in India is over, and a treaty is forged, Bishan makes his way to England to confront Count Grano. Who is the real monster in These Savage Shores #5 from Vault Comics?

Review She Said Destroy #4 Review 8.7

She Said Destroy #4 Review

The Morrigan lives again in Winona. Fey Colony is home to her last believers. Will they, with Winona, be able to hold back the forces of Brigid the Sun Goddess? Find out in She Said Destroy #4!

Review 7.0

The Necromancer’s Map #1 Review

Bethany, the necromancer, has a map that could lead her to a safe place to come to terms with her magic. The problem – no one can read it. Will she have any luck with the mages of The Foggard? Find out in The Necromancer’s Map #1!