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If you’re like me – looking for variety in your comics reading – then you’ll enjoy listening to my interview with Tyler Chin-Tanner. He’s created some of the most interesting comics stories I’ve read recently, including Adrenaline (about reality television), American Terrorist (about politics) and Loved & Lost (about relationships). A graduate of the The Kubert School, he brings thoughtful scripting and engaging art together, so don’t miss my chat with him this week! Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe to the Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed! Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed RSS Feed Show your thanks

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Wham! Bam! A Dead Blue Beetle? This title can’t come out often enough, but sadly, the faster the issues come, the sooner the series ends (thanks DC). With two issues to go, the big showdown between the new Doctor Polaris and Blue Beetle comes to a head. Only… Blue Beetle died last issue.

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