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We talked, you listened, then asked for more.  During our last discussion of Y: The Last Man, we mentioned if listeners were interested, we’d continue our discussion of the series.  This week, the Major Spoilers Crew is taking a look at Y: The Last Man, Volume 2 collected hardcover trade. From the Wiki One Small Step (issues #11–17) In Oldenbrook, Kansas, Yorick, 355 and Dr. Mann help a Russian woman named Natalya Zamyatintwo male and one female astronauts forced to return to Earth after being trapped on the International Space Station the day the plague hit.  recover Comedy & Tragedy

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With all the hoopla surrounding the young Matt Smith as the new Doctor in the next season of Doctor Who, the BBC finally unveiled who his assistant will be – and she’s even younger than he is.  Karen Gillian, a 21-year-old actress, will tag along with the Doctor on his next round of adventures that will air next year on the BBC. Writer and executive producer Steven Moffat said they saw some “amazing actresses” but Gillan “walked through the door the game was up”. He described her as “funny, and clever, and gorgeous, and sexy. Or Scottish, which is the

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Major SpoilersPoll

Last week’s Major Spoilers Poll of the Week, stirred up a lot of discussion over the actresses who have portrayed Lois Lane. This brings us to this week’s Poll of the Week – Who is the best Lois Lane? FIGHT!

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Why haven’t we seen any more Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movies in a while?  The rights reverted back to game creator Eidos a few years ago and apparently there has been a bidding war over which studio would pick up the franchise.  The Hollywood Reporter is noting Time Warner invested more money into the game company, which included the film rights.  Now the studio is trying to put something together for the next generation of movie goers. The new project, however, is expected to revamp the character and her mission and bear little resemblance to the original pictures. It will

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