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Ogre #1 Review
FeaturedIndie ComicsReview

One of the great tropes in science fiction and fantasy is the “outsider,” someone who looks on humanity from a different point of view. Star Trek had Spock, Data, Odo and The Doctor, for instance! They often helped us look at ourselves from a new perspective. In Ogre, we get to see how humans treat others, and it’s often not pretty!

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FeaturedImage ComicsReview

Love can bring two people together from beyond great distances, even death! When the gun totting former American soldier, John Sargent, falls deeply in love with a gorgeous Chinese woman named Mei, all seemed right in the world. Except for the fact, that she is a Vampire. Will their love last? Or will it burst into flames at first light? Note: This comic doesn’t arrive in stores until March 30th , 2011 so SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Markosia PublishingSneak Peek

With the success of Mouse Guard, I expect to see many more anthropomorphized fuzzy critters running around in comics. AAM/Markosia has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of N-Guard #1 featuring just such creatures fighting against something evil.

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