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It just got really weird You know what has really been missing in DC Comics since the end of 52?  A whole slew of mutliverse stories.  Sure, there’s that whole cluster bomb that is Final Crisis and Superman Beyond 3D that touches on a multiverse, and there has been an ongoing tale featuring Superman from Earth-22 in JSA, but that story took place on New Earth.  It could be argued Trinity is a multiverse story, in that it features the Riddler from the Antimatter universe, but the series has turned more into an alternate timeline story than one that takes

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Atomic RoboRed 5 ComicsReview

When last we left the title character and his British secret service companion, they were stuck on a train, headed for a cliff, and battling some horrific scientific Nazi experiments gone wrong.  If you thought Robo and Sparrow were doomed, then you probably haven’t been reading comics that long.

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I’m sure it has been on your mind ever since Marvel announced the release date for Captain America, “Who is going to direct this masterpiece?”  Your question has been answered via the trades, as The Hollywood Reporter has Joe Johnston taking on the First Avenger. Who is Joe Johnston?  This is the guy who directed The Rocketeer, which has a huge fan following.  Since First Avenger: Captain America is set during World War II, he should be perfect to guide the production. “Captain America” will be a World War II-set movie, and the character will appear in the modern day-set

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Sony Pictures Imageworks has announced it will be the driving force behind the live action 3D adaptation of one of my favorite cartoons from my youth.  G-Force (Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets) will have its 2D footage converted into 3D during the action sequences. Is everyone excited about a G-Force movie? via THR

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I went to see Wanted on Friday, and even though many of the themes are the same from the MIllar comic, everything else was totally off.  From the “fate” weaving machine, to the magic bullet theory, what was really missing was the “Oh Shnike!” moments that played better in the comic. Was the movie enjoyable?  As an action flick, yes.  As a comic book adaptation, a big no.  I’ve heard some grumblings that the movie was a real downer, with the bad guys winning in the end.  In a movie filled with moral ambiguity having the lesser evil win, sat

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Hey Cory Edwards, writer/director of the upcoming Fraggle Rock movie, how are things going? I’m having a lot of fun. I just finished my first action scene (yes, there WILL be action scenes!), and am cracking some decent jokes. It’s hard to create jokes for Fraggles, since they have no pop culture references whatsoever. That’s probably a good thing… that means I have a better chance of creating a timeless movie (If I see one more cute iconic character ruined by “Shrekking It Up” for easy jokes, I’m going to go postal). Oh yeah. Who’s up for some Fraggle action

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