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Dynamite EntertainmentLone RangerReview

When it comes to classic heroes like The Lone Ranger, do readers really need to read the first seventeen issue in order to understand what is going on?  The Lone Ranger has a sidekick named Tonto, rides a horse named Silver, rights wrongs and fights evil doers, and hangs out with a woman and her boy.  Wait, what?

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BatmanDCFrank QuitelyGrant MorrisonReviewRobin

The second installment of Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin hit the stands today.  Now that the euphoria of the first issue has worn off, how well does this issue hold up?

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Boom StudiosReview

Batteries, we need more batteries Less than a foot tall and capable of taking out a team of commandos.  It’s not the premise behind the latest Baby Geniuses movie, rather it’s what happens when an animatronic teddy bear gets a programming boost thanks to a government AI program.

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AnimationDCDVDWarner Bros.Wonder Woman

Here’s a gift from our friends at Warner Home Video – more images from the upcoming Wonder Woman animated direct to DVD movie.

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