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Mattel has announced the sold out Mer-Man figures, part of the new Masters of the Universe collection, will be back in stock on April 29th, beginning at 12:00 PM Eastern.  The first run of the figures sold out, so fans who are building up their new action figure collection will want to cue up early. If this second shipment also sells out fast, we will look at increasing orders again until we can get the numbers just right for MOTU figures. It is a learning process, and we appreciate fan’s understanding as we move forward with each sale getting closer

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Hey Everybody! I’m sorry for the obvious AD placed right here, but there comes a time in every person’s life, when it is time to give up a little something to keep something bigger and better (this site) going. I’m clearing out space in the Major Spoilers Comic Book Room and am selling a huge portion of my Simpsons action figure collection. If you are fan of the Simpsons, and want to help a brother out – check the auctions after the jump.

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