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But will his acting be good enough to earn him a Daytime Emmy? It’s the latest in Marvel’s no-info campaigns attempting to get you excited about changes in the status quo. via Marvel

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Hellboy II: The Golden Army came out on the top of the heap this weekend, bringing in an estimated $35.9 million at the box office.  I went to check the movie out on Friday, and while it was a very good movie, I still like the first Hellboy flick better.  The acting was great, the makeup and special effects superb, but for some reason Hellboy II felt a whole lot like the first Men in Black movie.  I think it had something to do with the background gags and music. Speaking of Will Smith, Hancock slipped 47% from last week,

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It went down to the wire, but the supernatural drama Reaper got its renewal notice yesterday during the CBS upfront presentation. The more I watch this series, the better it becomes, and I will say Reaper is on its way to becoming the male-centric version of Buffy by the time next season is over. Smart dialog, good acting, great special effects, just the right amount of humor, make this my must watch show of the week. Reaper will return for 13 episodes during the mid-season next year, more than likely appearing on Thursday night opposite Supernatural. And since I’ve mentioned

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