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This week is a C2E2 double-header! First up is Warren Simons, editor-in-chief at Valiant Entertainment! I got the chance to interview him at this year’s C2E2, which was the perfect opportunity to catch up on what this excellent comics company has going on these days! We discussed A&A: Archer and Armstrong, the Faith miniseries, and other great books including the upcoming 4001 A.D. and others! He also talks about what impact if any the recent movie deal Valiant signed will have on their books, so don’t miss it!

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Happy Holidays! It’s time for another special week at the Wayne’s Comics podcast, with a great interview and my yearly holiday tradition!

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Blog@Newsarama has the best take on Comic Con International: San Diego – Rorshach’s SDCC Journal.  Take a peek: Feet later, Nite Owl replica ship swarming with sticky children. Batcycle photographed to left. Stan Lee signing, in disgrace, preview posters of new stripper/superhero interactive cartoon. Will Eisner is dead. Only two names remaining on my list. Both signing in AA Pavilion upstairs. I shall go to them. I shall go tell the third and fourth Clone Troopers in Revenge of the Sith that nobody cares. Nobody cares but me. First: Five-dollar hot pretzel and three dollar Snapple. That’s gold Jerry, gold!

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