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Dystopian future. Epic struggle. War between man and machine. A band of survivors, struggling to fend off the opposing forces. Sounds like a big budget live-action science fiction film, right? Well, what if I said this is an animated movie? Starring sock puppets! 9, the newest film with the moniker “Tim Burton’s …” contains all of this, and beautiful graphics to boot. But does the story hold up? Take the jump and find out!

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The folks hyping the upcoming movie 9, have sent Major Spoilers several new images from the movie.  You can check out the full gallery after the jump.

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The marketing people for the upcoming “9” movie sent out an email this morning lettings us know of the upcoming release of the movie teaser poster as special edition collectible cards at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con.  Take the jump for the full gallery and more information about each of the characters in the movie.

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