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District 9, the Peter Jackson produced sci-fi social commentary flick, hit the number one spot over the weekend, bringing in an estimated $37 million.  While not spectacular for major block buster numbers, the film reportedly cost $30 million to make, with Sony/Tri-Star buying the distribution rights for $25 million.  That means as the movie gains momentum over the next couple of weeks, that there will be a lot of gravy floating around for a potential sequel if director Neill Blomkamp decides to go for it. And while you might be flying high on that news, I’ll bring you back down

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I am really surprised by the news that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince got trounced in its second week by G-Force the family centric CGI hamster action flick.  Potter dropped a surprising 61-percent from it’s opening weekend, bringing in $30 million over the Friday and Saturday time-period.  While I would love to have the $30 million in my pocket, it’s more impressive that Potter brought in $221 million over the past two weeks. Disney’s G-Force opened with $32 million, so my guess is, if everyone hadn’t been at Comic-Con this past weekend, Potter would have held the top spot.

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Matthew Vaughn has announced that even though the studios have passed on making the adaptation of Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass, Vaughn says he is going to raise the $30 million himself to get the film into production. Chloe Moretz has already been cast in the film, but the Hollywood Reporter has Superbad’s Christopher Mintz-Plasse in negotiations to play The Red Mist, the angry teen son of a mobster who tries to find uncover Kick-Ass’ identity. Vaughn first brought the project to Sony, which distributed his “Layer Cake,” but the studio balked at the violence, which he refused to tone down. Several

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