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Many of the teaser images released from 20th Century Fox ahead of this morning’s Logan trailer were in black and white to prep us for the stark future of the X-Men. After watching the trailer, I think the film should get a black and white release, and I have 25 images to prove it.

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big trouble in little china the game
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Oh happy day! First we learned Legendary Big Trouble in Little China was going to grace our gaming table, and now we learn that BOOM! Studios is teaming with Everything Epic, Flipside Design Studio, and 20th Century Fox to bring Big Trouble in Little China the Game, too!

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With Captain America: Civil War just around the corner, 20th Century Fox doesn’t want you to forget about that OTHER Marvel movie coming out this summer – X-Men: Apocalypse! The final trailer has arrived, and it doesn’t hold back.

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20th Century FoxMoviesTrailerVideo

20th Century Fox has released a huge trailer for the upcoming Independence Day sequel.

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20th Century FoxMoviesPosterX-Men

Yesterday we got a really good look at Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen. Today, Professor X and his X-Men team for some world saving action.

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20th Century FoxMarvelMoviesPosterX-Men

The latest poster for X-Men Apocalypse landed on the Internet, and you were wondering who the Four Horsemen would be, now you know.

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This week, Zach and company invade the theater to talk up the Merc with a Mouth, the newly released Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds. NOTE: THERE IS AN EXPLICIT TAG ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE! DON’T LISTEN WITH CHILDREN IN THE ROOM!

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So there’s this character you may have heard of named Deadpool.  Red suit, makes jokes, eats chimichangas.  He was also in Wolverine: Origins.  Well, not really.  That wasn’t the Deadpool that’s in this movie.  This is a completely different Deadpool movie.  But is it a good Deadpool movie?  Cue the music and click for the review!

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20th Century FoxMarvelMoviesTrailerVideoX-Men

You’ve seen Olivia Munn jump in a giant chocolate pie, but have you seen her slice a car in half? You will in the latest trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse that aired during last nights big sporting event game.

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This is a weird week to be a fan film creator. With the Paramount/CBS lawsuit against the Axanar fan movie, everyone has to be walking on eggshells hoping your project doesn’t set anyone off. Joel Furtado has to be looking over his shoulder now that he has released X-Men: Danger Room, a trailer for a bi-weekly animated fan film series.

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20th Century FoxDeadpoolMarvelMoviesTrailerVideo

Even though a few theaters have run the new Deadpool trailer ahead of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, online may be the best (and only) place you’ll get to see the trailer today. NSFW Warning in Effect!

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Deadpool has a game plan, and it involves a Honey Badger? Ryan Reynolds share the latest bit of the 12 Days of Deadpool leading up to the new Deadpool trailer.

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Are you ready for 12 Days of Deadpool, featuring that other jolly guy in a red suit? 20th Century Fox has kicked off a new campaign to get you in the holiday spirit, and the first day gives us a new Deadpool poster that is sure to have your mom and school administration up in arms.

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Though the latest Prometheus and Aliens franchise films may be flipping back and forth as far as their current status goes, Dark Horse is ready to introduce a new reading audience to the xenomorphs that started it all by collecting the original Aliens series in a new hardcover collection.

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