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The major problem of time travel, as a great mind was once heard to remark, is not the that of becoming your own father or mother, but in fact one of grammar. That’s even more difficult when the trip will would have been one way… Welcome to Ten Things!

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Or – “Power And Responsibility Transcending Time And Space…” The modern Heroic Age of the modern universe gave rise to legends that have endured for decades, both in-universe and out.  Among those is the legend of Spider-Man, a colorful hero whose battles against foes large and small taught everyone a lesson involving the responsibilities of having super-powers.  About a century later (depending on comic-book time, of course) a new hero rose, taking his name as a tribute to the old and heralding, like his predecessor, a new heroic age.  And, like Peter Parker, he was considered an unlikely hero, but

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Over the years comics have given us a staggering number of alternate realities, many of them just thinly veiled excuses to put our favorite superheroes into improbable situations with minimum clean-up. But sometimes alternate realities and alternate futures yield something more, sometimes they accomplish exactly what they should; to allow us to examine a character under a different light. What follows is a list of the best, most successful or so-ridiculous-they-come-back-out-the-other-side-and-are-cool-again characters from alternate dimensions or futures. To make it on this list a character had to be A) interesting B) be from the same company or creator that owns

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