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Casual 60FeaturedGamingMagic: The Gatheringwizards of the coast

Magic 2012 is here and it looks to be an excellent core set so far. One of the cards that I’m most excited about is Adaptive Automaton, since it gives us a ‘lord’ creature for any tribe. What does that mean? Well, that means that you can throw an eighth elf lord into your elfball deck, but it also means that creature types that previously were not covered can now get some +1/+1 action.

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comic casting couchFeaturedGamingMagic: The Gatheringwizards of the coast

A movie that encapsulates magic the gathering would take forever to make, right? Well not to worry giant Hollywood studio that is certainly reading this, I have done all the casting for you already. I await my check.

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GamingMagic: The Gatheringwizards of the coast

The DCI, the ruling body for Magic: The Gathering tournaments has banned two cards for the Standard tournament type. Stoneforge Mystic and Jace the Mind Sculptor are no longer legal for tournament play in standard, with the somewhat strange exception that, as long as you are playing with the “War of Attrition” Event Deck (and no alterations are made to it) you may still use Stoneforge Mystic in standard tournaments. This is the first time a card has been banned in Standard since 2005. Have you come up against these two in the past? Are you happy about the change?

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2012 may have dominated the box office this weekend, and while it may have been a CGI lovefest, I doubt any of the creators thought of using this music as the soundtrack. For some reason it seems to work perfectly.

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