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Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, and current owner of Topps, picked up the rights to to adapt the bubblegum comic strip Bazooka Joe into a feature film.  Writing the movie will be Mark Hammer, not to be confused with Mike Hammer, who apparently graduated from college this past week. “Bazooka Joe” has been a comic strip used as an advertising device for the gum since the 1950s. Joe, who wears an eye patch for reasons never explained, has child-friendly misadventures, sometime joined by a host of friends with the names Pesty, Mort (always with a turtleneck sweater pulled up over

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Notorious pin-up babe from the 1950s Bettie Page passed away yesterday at the age of 85.  She’d been in a coma for about a week after suffering a heart attack.  Page got a resurgence in popularity following Dave Stevens The Rocketeer comic that had Page’s likeness appear inside.  The two were friends for years, and it is interesting/strange the two died so close together. Another great shot of Page from Stevens book after the jump.

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