Wayne’s Comics #129: Kaare Andrews


You’re going to enjoy my conversation with Kaare Andrews, creator of the excellent new Marvel comic Iron Fist: The Living Weapon! We have a great time talking about how the book came to be and some of his plans for rest of the “first season” of the comic. Be sure to pick up the second issue, out this Wednesday! Also, we discuss his connection to the Spider-Man films, which is perfect for this weekend, with the debut of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in movie theaters!

Then you’ll hear a behind-the-scenes example of what happens when I don’t start up to speed, and which Mr. Andrews made me promise I’d share! If you ever wondered what gets edited out of this podcast, don’t miss it!

Next week, my interview with J.K. Woodward and another chat with the creators of High Crimes at monkeybraincomics.com will be featured, so be sure to listen in!