Wayne’s Comics #114: Pete Casazza


We kick off the new 2014 year with a look at how things are going on the front lines of the comics industry – in a popular comics shop!

You’ll enjoy my chat with Pete Casazza from the Big Planet Comics store in College Park, Maryland. Pete is both a fan and a businessman in the industry, so he notices trends and interesting developments in his shop. He talks about what went up and what went down in 2013, and discusses digital comics as well as how he feels many of the comics companies are doing. We both comment on how well Archie/Red Circle is doing with Afterlife with Archie and The Fox. He surprises me with many of his insights, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening! You can find out more about his excellent store at this link!

Be back next week so we can continue to enjoy our comics in 2014!

More fun and informational interviews coming next week!