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Wax on! Wax off! Who watches the Watchmen? All of us! Hush! Hush! Thought I heard it callin’ my name, yeah… The Commander In Chief is the Commander Out of Stock! Fan Feedback! Teen Titans! Nightwing Nocturnal! Witches Without Wardrobe! And this time, it’s personal!


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Amazing Spider-Man Barack Obama Cover Sells Out

Karate Kid Remake?

Watchmen Details Emerge

Witchblade #123
(W) Ron Marz (A) Stjepan Sejic (Cov) Stjepan Sejic

NYPD Detective Sara Pezzini wields half of the powerful ancient artifact known as the Witchblade. But now she faces a foe that predates even the mystical gauntlet, confronting a deadly horror that has descended upon Brooklyn’s Ultra Orthodox Jewish community. Could the biblical Angel of Death truly have been unleashed?

Meanwhile, the bearer of the other half of the Witchblade, Dani Baptiste, goes to the aid of one of her dance students, but is she being reckless with her power?

Teen Titans #66
Written by Sean McKeever; Art and Cover by Eddy Barrows and Ruy Jose

Teen guest stars galore! With only four members left, it’s time for the Teen Titans to hold a recruitment drive! Who will make the cut, and who will be sent packing? Who will refuse to even show up, and who will bring a boatload of trouble with them?

Nightwing #152
Written by Peter J. Tomasi; Art by Don Kramer and Jay Liesten; Cover by Brian Stelfreeze

A “Faces of Evil”issue! In this epilogue to “Batman R.I.P.”and “The Great Leap,”both Nightwing and Dick Grayson are forced to deal with startling and tragic recent events, and things will never ever be the same – especially with Ra’s al Ghul involved!

The Major Spoilers Crew read and respond to listener e-mail.

With the news H’wood is going to remake the original Karate Kid movie, with Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi, it causes the crew at Major Spoilers to wax poetic about the multi-movie franchise. What flavor of The Karate Kid do you prefer?
A) Morita Miyagi
B) Chan Miyagi
C) Don’t care, as long as Hillary Swank is in it

MAJOR SPOILERS Trade Paperback Review
(DC Comics)
The complete 12-part saga written by Jeph Loeb (SUPERMAN/BATMAN, Smallville) with art by fan-favorites Jim Lee & Scott Williams (SUPERMAN, Uncanny X-Men) collected together for the first time in the oversized Absolute format!

This slipcased edition includes BATMAN #608-619 as well as the the 2-page origin of Batman (originally seen only on and the special story from Wizard: The Comics Magazine. The year-long “Hush” — an epic tale of friendship, trust, and betrayal that spans a lifetime — reinvigorated the Dark Knight, pitting him against the deadliest members of his Rogue’s Gallery and introducing his newest foe!

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