Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Ten Is Clearly Chaotic Evil In ‘The Waters Of Mars’ Edition


Regular Critical Hit listeners will note that I am the token “old guy” of the group, even moreso than in some of our other programming, as my fellow forty-something, Stephen, didn’t partake of role-playing nerdery in his youth.  Of all the changes from the AD&D of my youth to today’s shiny 4th Edition, the scrapping of the traditional nine-point alignment for the streamlined five-point spectrum is the one that is the hardest to get used to.  (Granted, many times, alignments ended up being just a one-note performance piece wherein the allegedly “chaotic” character would spout some nonsense or do something ‘wacky’ to justify their supposed alignment, but still…)  Most of the characters that I have most enjoyed playing fall under Lawful Neutral alignment, which under the new system means that I’m boringly somewhere left-of-center in the vaguely dull ideological temperature gauge of 4E.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would like to remind all potential chart-makers that The Fourth Doctor is CLEARLY chaotic neutral, especially in the Douglas Adams seasons, asking: Do you see any need (other than the fun of chart-making) to return to the more complex nine-point alignment chart?