AWARDS: Major Spoilers Nominated in 9th Annual Podcast Awards


Last night the nominees for the 9th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards were announced, and Major Spoilers is on the list!

First of all, THANK YOU for nominating the podcast. We wouldn’t be on the list if it wasn’t for a number of you entering our show through the site.

Second, there are a number of excellent shows also nominated in the Cultural/Arts category:

  • Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast
  • Anime Pulse
  • Major Spoilers
  • NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class
  • Sword & Laser
  • The Combat Jack Show
  • Theatre Geeks
  • This American Life
  • Veteran Empire Podcast

And finally, it’s going to be up to YOU to help us win. Voting opens November 01, 2013 over at Podcast Awards. We’ll have more links on the site when they are provided to us, so please vote early and often!

via Podcast Awards