Review Justice League #40 7.3

Justice League #40 Review

An attack from beyond the stars brings Batman into conflict with the rest of the team…  Your Major Spoilers review of Justice League #40 awaits!

Teaser Death Metal!

DC Comics teases followup to Dark Knights: Metal

DC’s Dark Knights: Metal was all kinds of bonkers, and while it did introduce The Batman Who Laughs, it was still a fantastic series. Now, DC has dropped a teaser image for a followup series featuring a pretty gnarly Superman.

Review 8.0

After Realm Quarterly #1

Oona has survived Ragnarok but the world was devastated by the attack. She finds herself trying to return to a lost friend and trying to fit in with the other elven Rangers. Come see her story in the The After Realm Quarterly #1 by Image Comics!

Review Crone #4 Review 8.0

Crone #4 Review

In Crone #4, from Dark Horse Comics, all Bliss wants to do is return to her home and die in peace.  But the return of Vor the Lion unveils a hideous secret, one that will ravage Gaspar the Rogue’s family, and call into question everything Bliss ever thought about her past.  Will Vor convince Bliss to be his queen, or has Bliss one more ace up her sleeve?  Find out in your Major Spoilers review!


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