Review 7.3

Black Science #39 Review

As the survivors of a dead multiverse gather to plot to bring everything that was lost back, will infighting thwart their desperate efforts…your Major Spoilers review of Black Science #39 awaits!

Review GLOW #1 Review 7.7

Glow #1 Review

The women of GLOW are the hardest working gorgeous ladies of wrestling, so when they have a weekend off, they relax and make the best of it. Right? Find out more in GLOW #1, based off the hit Netflix series, from IDW Publishing.

Review Quincredible #5 Review 9.0

Quincredible #5 Review

Alexandre Zelime may be behind the high-tech weapons in town, but what is Dr. Davis doing with him? Whose side is he on? Let’s find out in this review of Quincredible #5 from Lion Forge Comics.


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