Review 7.3

Batgirl #35 Review

Batgirl went from having the upper hand to being on the defense when she tracked down the people behind Cormorant. Now, can she take control of the situation, or will she fall victim to felonious furries? Batgirl #35 is out today from DC Comics.


Godzilla: Aftershock arrives in comic stores today

Fans eagerly awaiting Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ summer’s big-screen blockbuster Godzilla: King of the Monsters, set to hit theaters worldwide on May 31, can get a sneak peek at the monstrous action with Legendary Comics’ thrilling companion graphic novel GODZILLA: AFTERSHOCK, now on sale in comic stores and online.


Ghosts of Saltmarsh now available

The newest Dungeons & Dragons adventure book, Ghosts of Saltmarsh has landed in game and book stores, and is ready to take your adventuring party to the high seas!

Review 7.7

Road of Bones #1 Review

Imprisoned in a Siberian gulag for telling a joke, inmate Roman Morozov must find a way to survive the brutal conditions.  When offered the chance of freedom, what price will he pay for it?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review of Road of Bones #1!


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