Dueling Review: Star Trek: The Q Conflict #2

Q is once again messing with the crew of the Enterprise, and we are going to see if this mega-Star Trek crossover lives up to our expectations in this week’s review of Star Trek: The Q Conflict #2 from IDW Publishing.

Podcast Top Five

Top Five Expansions

You’ve played the base game, and you want more! But what else is there? This week, Dan talks about his top five expansions.

DC Shazam #3 Review 9.0

Shazam! #3 Review

It’s never-ending amusement rides, candy, pizza, and shakes in the Funlands, and all King Kid wants is to join the Shazam family. Is it a deal?

Review Fight Club # #2 6.3

Fight Club 3 #2 Review

Fight Club 3 #2 opens with the worst advice columnist ever, and spirals down rapidly into an incomprehensible mess that only the most die-hard of Fight Club enthusiasts can stomach.

Review Flash #65 Review 9.0

The Flash #65 Review

The Dark Knight is having a tough time working with his fellow heroes in the DCU. It all comes to a head in this issue!


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