Major Spoilers Podcast #831: All Hail Britannia!

We are taking the first detective north to Britannia in this week’s Major Spoilers Podcast. We review Rick & Morty #50, Heroes in Crisis #9, Calamity Kate #4, and the first season of What We Do In The Shadows. Plus, will Swamp Thing make you become a DC Universe member?

Fanbase Press 8.0

The Sequels #4 Review

The group learns there is another among them who is not telling the truth as we discover the final untold story of childhood adventure. What really happened to Dakota during his time in Fictopolis, and how does it all tie into the mysterious, unseen force who seems to have set up all of the adventures? Truths are discovered and perceptions shattered as we dive into final chapter of THE SEQUELS #4, available on Comixology May 29!


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