Oni Press The Long Con #3

[Preview] The Long Con #3

The only way through Long Con is with a badge, or with this sneak peek of The Long Con #3 from Oni Press. The issue arrives on Wednesday.

Featured Faith: Dreamside #1 Review

Faith: Dreamside #1 Review

Wanted by the police, Faith has been forced into the open by her own sense of responsibility. But when an old acquaintance comes to her for help, will she be able to cultivate a sense of self-preservation? We find out in Faith: Dreamside #1, on shelves September 26 from Valiant Entertainment.


Nightwing #49 Review

The race is on and to the winner: ANY one question will be answered.  Can Nightwing pull out a win?  Your Major Spoilers review of Nightwing #49 awaits!

Oni Press Open Earth

[Preview] Open Earth

Open Earth is a heartfelt, positive, and erotic book of one woman’s adventure in love and sex. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the volume from Oni Press.


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